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Wood Coatings
Wood Thinners
Wood Coatings
WOOD GLOW MELAMYNE : For Timeless Wooden Finishes
Clear Glossy/Matt Finish
Weather Resistance and Non-staining Qualities
Excellent Toughness & Adhesion
Good Non-yellowing life
Wood Glow Melamyne Glossy is a two pack system of Base & Hardener, which gives a coating that will protect and maintain the natural beauty of your product for years.
WOOD GLOW N.C. GLOSSY LACQUER : Classic Clear Glossy Surface Finish
Longer Gloss Retention
High Toughness & Flexibility
Quick Drying
Highly Durable & Anti-yellowing Property
The most desirable paint for a classic clear glossy finish on wooden surfaces. Unlike the conventional synthetic varnish which yellows with time, the NC based coating increases the endurance of your products and preserves its splendour for very long.
WOOD GLOW N.C. SANDING SEALER : Inimitable Sanding Sealer
Superior Matt finish
Quick Drying
Excellent Levelling, Filling & Sanding
It is a NC based fast drying special sealer with excellent levelling, filling and sanding properties.
Wood Thinners
WOOD GLOW N.C. THINNER : High Quality N.C. Thinner
Good Flow
Excellent Blending
For NC Based Wood Paints
Does Not Affect Darkness/Lightness of Colour
Wood Glow Thinner blends well with the N.C. wood finish paints to give the desirable paint quality. It makes application smooth and flawless, bringing in the true richness of the paints used.
WOOD GLOW MELAMYNE THINNER : Superior Quality Thinner for Melamyne paints
Good Flow
Excellent Blending
Does Not Affect Darkness/lightness of Colour
Wood Glow Melamyne Thinner is a perfect blend for Melamyne based wood finish paints. It gives the desirable paint quality in terms of smoothness and flawless application, bringing in the true richness of the paints used.
PEARL LUSTRE FINISH : High Quality Enamel with Pearl finish.
Pearly Egg Shell Finish
Good Washability and Scrub Resistance
Excellent Film Integrity
Excellent Opacity
Quick Drying
High quality enamel containing special kind of raw materials which gives a fascinating egg shell pearl finish to the painted surface
Super-gloss Finish and Retention
Excellent Opacity
Quick Drying Time
Strong Resistance to Wear, Abrasion and Mild Corrosive Chemicals
The most advanced Gloss Paint with excellent film integrity and built-in-toughness which ensures that you don't have to repaint for years.
UMBRELLA SYNTHETIC ENAMEL : Best Value for Money - Smooth Flow, Economy Enamel.
High Glossy Finish
Good Opacity
Quick Drying
Smooth Flow, Elegant Output
Umbrella is an Alkyd Resin based enamel with a smooth and glossy finish that lasts for years.
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